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Simplicity is key.
Our focus, since 2017, has been to blend minimalist architecture, cutting-edge technology, and natural materials of the region in a hybrid form, by consistently prioritizing simplicity. We work with skilled professionals from various fields, combining design expertise with local know-how and established interior products from across Europe.

Since the completion of our first property in Campos in 2018, we planned and built new homes for families, couples, and singles with the consistent aim to accommodate them with a pleasant and peaceful living experience.

It's all about getting started.


Inceptum implies the 'beginning' in Latin. At the time we thought: the most exciting phase of a project is indeed the beginning, as it spawns a sense of adventure and eagerness upon the actual start of construction.

Undoubtedly, there is accurate and demanding groundwork involved in developing a project, which is always exciting. With hard work and careful planning and once all refined details are figured out, everything begins to fall into place, effortlessly. This is what Inceptum stands for: the beginning of a new project.

Simplicity is key.

The design behind Inceptum

Life in the city can be noisy, stressful and energy consuming. That’s why we want our clients to feel at ease and recharged by the countryside. We stand for light interiors with soft materials and shapes that calm the soul and allow you to breathe easily.

All projects combine different elements of nature. The sounds - be it the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves or the trickling of water - each element should be present in the house and integrated into the architecture. A symbiosis between inside and outside. Modern yet classic furnishings and high quality products combined with traditional but sustainable stones, tiles, beams and bricks create a timeless balance between old and new.

We live by inspiration. In Mallorca every town has its own architecture, if you look closely. The colours of stone facades differ by region, for example: the further north you are, the lighter the stone. We constantly discover the island, just sitting down, taking in and sketching particular features.

“I believe in the concept of the open space, the collaboration of layout, avoiding partitions.”
Caspar Crasemann, Founder of Inceptum Developments

Caspar Crasemann was born in Hamburg and moved to Mallorca in 2016 after finishing his bachelor of business management. He founded Inceptum Developments and immediately began his first project. After completing the first two projects as the developer, he chose to follow his passion for architecture and enrol in a master of architecture in the US, which he completed in 2022.

How we work

STEP 01: Plot of land

In the search for the ideal location, the area of Campos provides a rare sense of tranquillity. The region is known for its open plains, offering a rural panoramic view that invites you to take it slow and breathe deeply.

The talents behind every new home
our team

Our team is made up entirely of local professionals. We first met our team members through a neighbour when family and friends arrived in Mallorca 25 years ago. Through this initial introduction we discovered a talented group of craftsmen including plumbers, carpenters and electricians. Today we work with a wide range of Spanish subcontractors and craftsmen.

The beauty of quality
brands we work with

We work with premium brands that specialise in interior design. The essential attributes for each brand are aesthetics,quality and tradition. It's the combination of European brands and local natural materials that gives each project its unique charm.

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