Casa Burralina, campos

2023 // Rented
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Casa Burralina was completed in 2023 and combines a diverse plant culture with the integration of local sandstone and generous terraces that fade with a wide infinity pool.

A rarity: Casa Burralina is fully powered by solar energy.

Casa Burralina

Finished in: 2023
Property type: Finca
Location: Campos, Mallorca

Client: Family

Plot: 18.985,00 m²
Constructed living area: 141,93 m²
Terraces: 292,23 m²

Floors: 2
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4

Pool Size: 61,64 m²

100% sustainable and in balance with nature

Fully Renewable

Casa Burralina is powered entirely by photovoltaic and solar cells as well an air heat pump. Lithium batteries store the suns energy and supply the property with electricity, making it a complete self-sufficient home.

A dense yet light landscaping with a variety of plants creates a vibrant feel. Combined with the ideal Marés (sandstone) for the facade, it gives Casa Burralina its aesthetic appeal. Several stones were laid and sorted as a pattern, as there are countless differences in color and texture. The remaining scraps of cut Marés stones were used for the frame of the fireplace.

The beautiful neighborhood of Campos

Carob trees, unspoiled landscapes and peace

With its vast farmland, rustic windmills and distinctive red soil, Campos has a timeless charm. The natural preserved beach of Es Trénc being its most prominent feature, as well as the close distance of about 35 km to Mallorcas capital, Palma. Visitors enjoy the peace and privacy, as well as numerous restaurants at the harbor of Sa Rápita. For those seeking a balance between living outside the city yet having all the modern comforts, Mallorca's unspoiled countryside is the place to be.

This natural area of Campos is dotted with fig, citrus and almond trees. Large, sparsely populated plots predominate, giving a sense of tranquility and space. From time to time a cyclist passes by. The area is a refuge for families, couples and friends who want to feel 100% at home and in harmony with nature. Perfect for creating exceptional spaces.

The construction process

How we work

Every project is composed individually, but our core approach remains the same: from site scouting to design and construction, we follow a proven process with a local team we can fully rely on. 

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