From vision to completion
the construction process

We believe in a holistic approach: from the initial, big picture vision to determining fabric finishes, carefully considering all steps from start to finish.

Every project is composed individually, but our core approach remains the same: from site scouting to design and construction, we follow a proven process with a local team we can fully rely on. 

The plot of land
Step 01

In the search for the ideal location, the area of Campos provides a rare sense of tranquillity . The region is known for its open plains, offering a rural panoramic view that invites you to take a deep breath.

When arriving at the plot, the first thing that's examined is the soil. In Campos, a good soil should have the characteristic red clay ideal for growing regional plants. The soils density must be easy to work with, preferably being firm instead of being full of rocks and stones. Existing vegetation demonstrates a fertile soil and can provide natural shading .

Olive, carob or almond trees provide a spacious and eternal feel to the plot. Further, a water well can be of great advantage, as well as an existing electric connection. Outside of the plot, a pleasant and well maintained neighbourhood plays an important role. 

Step 02

In the planning stage, it's all about getting to know the client. Who will be living here and how will they live here? Homes for larger families may have different needs compared to homes for couples.

The goal is to carefully consider what features and qualities are important for the clients wellbeing: aiming to create a space that is inviting, with a cozy ambiance, while still maintaining a clean and classic design that showcases the openness of the surrounding area.

Features that are discussed with the team and potential clients:
  1. Broad timeline of project phases

  2. Volume and number of en suite bedrooms

  3. The role of privacy and openness

  4. Inside to outside connection

  5. Landscaping concept

We work closely with architects to initially assess the restrictions and possibilities the given plot of land offers. The plot is examined for geographical parameters and environmental factors. The path of the sun, existing roads and potential winds should be taken into account, as well as inhabitable, tree protected zones. All these parameters are important prior to the first conceptual sketch.

Step 03

After analyzing the property, the house is positioned and aligned at point X, usually oriented towards the south. Natural influences must be taken into account: in the event of strong winds, the terrace and layout of the house must be formed accordingly. Soft shading concepts must be carefully developed in order to block unwanted heat and to keep spaces cool during summer temperatures.

Moving on from the layout, we proceed to the geometry. Once the basic shape is determined, the floor plan can be further developed. Primary sketches are created in 2D. As the process continues, 3D details further

Step 04

A well-coordinated team is essential. Our team is made up entirely of local professionals who share a deep understanding of the construction culture. Communication and respect amongst contractors is key to a successfully organized construction site.

Sandstone, terracotta, wild-olive

Many of the building materials are sourced locally, such as marés, a highly sought after sandstone. Whether it's for the facade or the fireplace, marés is a porous material that lends itself well to sculpting.
Flooring and finishing details include the use of handmade terracotta bricks. The woodwork, including doors, windows and pergolas, is made from local trees such as wild olive, teak and pine.

To define its own character, each project has certain defining elements that contribute to the distinctive style of Inceptum Developments: visible wooden beams, Arabic-inspired roof tiles and a natural stone fountain.

Cypress trees at the entrance as a symbol of longevity

The garden blends in seamlessly with the surrounding farmland and requires little maintenance. Feather grass, date palms and carob trees dominate the scene. Further, Mulberry trees are often used as their large yet light leaves provide natural shade.

In this region, cypress trees at the entrance are seen as a symbol of longevity and were used as a welcome sign in ancient Rome. A symbol we honor to incorporate into the properties.

Step 05

Our aim is to ensure that everyone who enters feels a direct sense of comfort and at ease. We focus on the core elements of interior design, creating a minimalist charm that harmonises with a light and inviting atmosphere. Inspired by Belgian and Spanish interiors, we provide the necessities and carefully selected items that fuse classic with contemporary. 

Every home has a personal concept, yet shares classic brands that have been integrated over the years and are in line with the identity of Inceptum Developments. We prioritize quality and aesthetics as the key characteristics of our chosen brands such as Lumina, Tekna, Gaggenau, Miele or Vola.

We believe that by curating our furnishings with care and the intention to calm all senses, we can form a familiar and clean ambiance that feels like home to all our residents.

Our properties are rare and individual, while our working process remains consistent. Whether it's an arc, a fireplace or columns, each home has its own highlight.
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