Casa Veinticuatro, Campos

2018 // Rented
the house

La Casa Veinticuatro is a charming home with an open loft concept, featuring a central dual-access fireplace for warmth and ambiance. En suite bathrooms are cleverly integrated into four bedrooms, creating a harmonious living space without added expansion. Recently, stables for 10 horses were added, carefully placed for visibility and privacy.

The property boasts a spacious terrace, an inviting pool, and a large plot. Completed in 2018, the home showcases innovative design, making it a testament to thoughtful architecture and a serene living environment.

Casa Veinticuatro

Finished in: 2018
Property type: Villa
Location: Campos, Mallorca

Plot: 15.667,45 m²
Living area: 196,44 m²
Terraces: 155,50 m²

Floors: 1
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4

Pool Size: 50,00 m²
Client: Family

Warm atmosphere, from all sides


A fireplace located in the center of the living and kitchen area, was designed to be open and accessible from either side, in order to feel the warmth and hear the smooth crackling of firewood when relaxing on the sofa, but also when preparing and enjoying family meals.

The idea behind this design is a loft concept, with few partition walls to create a familiar and unfolded ambience, with the fireplace being the only piece of partition.

The goal of the layout was to integrate an en suite bathroom in each of the four bedrooms without increasing the volume. The L-shaped building consists of a living / dining unit and a sleeping unit.

Where humans and animals live in balance

private horse stable

In 2021, we added a stable for 10 private horses to the property. The special challenge here: How can we create a comfortable distance between the stable and the house? It was important that the animals can be seen from the house while maintaining privacy and peace. So we have lowered the stable and integrated a dense row of bushes, facing it towards the east.

The outcome: spacious boxes where the horses can rest. Instead of being separated, the horses feel connected in their herd. This is achieved through low partitions and open entrances and windows. With high ceilings and pillars, there is a constant exchange of air, creating an organized and clean environment. The soothing sound of the elongated fountain helps drown out the noise from the road, allowing the horses to rest peacefully and the caregivers to work undisturbed.

The beautiful neighborhood of Campos

Carob trees, unspoiled landscapes and peace

With its vast farmland, rustic windmills and distinctive red soil, Campos has a timeless charm. The natural preserved beach of Es Trenc being its most prominent feature, as well as the close distance of about 35 km to Mallorcas capital, Palma. Visitors enjoy the peace and privacy, as well as numerous restaurants at the harbor of Sa Rapita. For those seeking a balance between living outside the city yet having all the modern comforts, Mallorca's unspoiled countryside is the place to be.

This natural area of Campos is dotted with fig, citrus and almond trees. Large, sparsely populated plots predominate, giving a sense of tranquility and space. From time to time a cyclist passes by. The area is a refuge for families, couples and friends who want to feel 100% at home and in harmony with nature. Perfect for creating exceptional spaces.

The construction process

How we work

Every project is composed individually, but our core approach remains the same: from site scouting to design and construction, we follow a proven process with a local team we can fully rely on. 

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