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Welcome to Casa SX, completed in 2020 in Llucmajor, Mallorca. The modern design effortlessly combines the laid-back charm of island living with sleek minimalism.

Casa SX boasts contemporary architecture that creates a cosy atmosphere inside while offering a beautiful view of the sea. Large windows and doors blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, embracing the beauty of nature.

Casa SX

Finished in: 2020
Property type: Villa
Location: Llucmajor
Client: Couple

Plot: 19.661,00 m²
Living area: 119,61 m²
Terraces: 205,25 m²

Floors: 2
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3

Pool Size: 40,00 m²

Where design meets nature

Pool architecture

A main feature of Casa SX is its pool, which partially integrates into the existing stone wall of the "huerto", a traditional vegetable garden. The other half of the pool extends into the new garden, providing a view of the expansive property.

A wide range view towards the ocean is provided by the towers terrace. The tower itself was designed to have a minimal height to suit the proportions of the house, and not to exceed an uncomfortable height.

The construction process

How we work

Every project is composed individually, but our core approach remains the same: from site scouting to design and construction, we follow a proven process with a local team we can fully rely on. 

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