City house 01, campos

2025/26 // for sale
the house

In the picturesque town of Campos, townhouses are not only known for their architectural features but also hold immense potential for transformation. The vision is to renovate and restore these historically important homes, embracing both their traditional charm and the needs of modern living. Campos offers the perfect backdrop with its local markets, authentic restaurants, and a safe, family-friendly environment.

Each townhouse is designed to be a haven of comfort, blending modern interiors with meticulously restored elements. This fusion aims to provide new owners with a living experience that is peaceful yet exciting. Most important: The restoration process respects the original character of the townhouses.

City House 01
for sale

Finished in: 2025/26
Property type: Townhouse
Location: Campos, Mallorca

Plot: 145,00 m²
Living area: 169,33 m²
Patio: 33,78 m²

Floors: 3
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3

Pool Size: 5,70 m²

Timeless and traditional

Campos house 01

The key to renovating Campos House 01 is to maintain existing elements, creating a timeless and traditional feel. The sandstone arch, connecting the living and kitchen area, will be carefully brushed and restored. Further, the handcrafted floor tiles on the upper level as well as window and door handles will be revitalized. To adapt to hot summer temperatures, a small, refreshing pool is added in the cozy patio.

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